II Conference Stop the drought!

II Conference Stop the drought!

24 May 2019

Let's register to second conference Stop the drought!

On 18th of June in Bydgoszcz (Poland) will be held next conference related to the issue of drought in Poland.

Consortium consisting of Antea Group, Wind-Hydro and Pectore-Eco, commissioned by PGW Wody Polskie, is currently working on the project "Development of drought effects countermesures plan", which includes organizing another expert conference Stop the drought! - a catalogue of key actions. During the meeting, water management specialists will present benefits, practical possibilities and legal solutions for access to specific actions to minimize or eliminate the effects of drought.

As part of our agreement with PGW Wody Polskie, Antea Group and partners of consortium are responsible for organising this conference. Honorary patronage over this event was taken by the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Waterway Transport.

The main objective of the project is:

  • development of a drought mitigation plan including the division of the country into river basin districts,
  • carrying out a strategic environmental assessment of the draft plan,
  • prepare a draft regulation for the adoption of a drought management plan.

The national plan to counteract the effects of drought in Poland is the first such comprehensive project of activities in this area in our country. In addition to the Water Management Plans and Flood Risk Management Plans, the PPSS is another project aimed at sustainable water management and establishing principles and instruments for water resources management.

We invite you to participate in this event!

More information on the website stopsuszy.pl